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High specification canopies installed throughout the UK 

Here at Pro Port Canopies, we pride ourselves on the high technical specifications to which our canopies are designed, manufactured and installed. We have fitted carports all over the UK during the past 10 years with some of these being situated right on the coast in Bude, Brean, Anglesey, Penzance, Scottish Borders and Milford Haven. 


The sheeting used conforms to Building Regulations 2000 (England & Wales), is U rated for insulation properties, has a Class 3 fire rating, UV filter and anti algae barrier and is manufactured under ISO9001:2000.

Resistance to wind loading

The sheeting is designed to have adequate resistance to wind loads calculated in accordance with BS 6399-2: 1997

Resistance to snow loading

The sheeting is designed to support a distributed load of 1.5 kNm-2. The magnitude of the actual snow load imposed will depend on varying factors such as height above sea level, geographical location etc. It is therefore recommended that in situations where a load greater than 1.5kNm-2 is expected, methods from BS 6399-3: 1988 are used to calculate the snow load.

Performance in relation to fire

The sheeting product is a grade SAB3 thermo-set material SAB to BS 476-3: 1958 and Class 3 to BS 476-7:1997.


All aluminium extrusions used are made and powder coated under British Standard specification 6063t6/6082t6 BSEN755.


All of our canopies are designed in accordance with the following;

Part 1: 1996 Code of practice for dead and imposed loads.
Part 2: 1997 Code of practice for wind loads.
Part 3: 1988 Code of practice for imposed roof loads.

Part 1: 2000 Structural use of steelwork in building.
BS8118: Part 1: 1991 Structural use of Aluminium.


All of our carports and canopies have been independently tested, calculated and are fully indemnified and, we are pleased to say, have exceeded all requirements needed for them to comply with all wind and snow loading scenarios throughout the UK.

Building regulation calculations are available FOC to all customers after survey and order. 

Proud to support UK businesses

We are proud to say that all of the materials used in the manufacturing of our beams are sourced from companies within the UK and where ever possible we try to use businesses that are local to us.
snow loading
wind loading
We at Pro Port Canopies would like to reassure all existing and future customers of our ZERO failure rate. During the past 10 years, we have fitted carports all over the UK  with some of these being situated right on the coast in Bude, Brean, Anglesey, Penzance, Scottish Borders and Milford Haven. Extreme wind, rain and snow is not an issue with our carports.

This is not one of our canopies. This is an example of a DIY install gone wrong. A perfect example of why we don't offer a DIY kit option.

DIY kit option

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